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Applying for Study Abroad is tough as well as preparing the documentation needed.

Blue Lotus also helps in document guidance for each University/College where you wish to apply for admission & Visa.

We have a list of documents required throughout the application process as mentioned below:

1. Statement of Purpose

2. Letter of Recommendations

3. Offer Letter / I20

4. Academic Documents

5. Financial Documents

6. Work Experience Documents

7. Visa Forms

8. Other Documents: Passports, IELTS/PTE, Plane Tickets

Required Document

✅ Passport Copy

✅ Standardized Score Reports (GRE/GMAT/SAT)

✅ Statement of Purpose (SOPs)

✅ SLC and +2 Marksheets and Certificates

✅ Recommendation Letters (LORs)

✅ Essay (if any)

✅ Bachelor Transcripts

✅ Financial Documents

✅ Resume or CV

✅ Language Proficient Test Score (TOFEL/IELTS/PTE)

✅ Affiant of support from sponsor

✅ Extra certificates (if any)